Lied eines Kindes, D 596

A child's song

(Poet's title: Lied eines Kindes)

Set by Schubert:

  • D 596

    [November 1817]

Lied eines Kindes

Lauter Freude fühl ich,
Lauter Liebe hör ich,
Ich so überglücklich
Fröhlich spielend Kind.

Dort der gute Vater,
Hier die liebe Mutter,
Rundherum wir Kinder
Froh und fröhlich sind.

A child's song

I can feel intense joy,
I can hear intense love,
I am more than happy,
A child playing merrily.

There is my good father,
Here is my loving mother,
All around we children
Are happy and merry.

Themes and images in this text:

Children and childhoodFather and childGames and playMother and child

Whoever wrote this, we can be fairly certain it was NOT a child. It has all the hallmarks of being the smug fantasy of a possessive parent.