Te solo adoro, D 34

I adore only you

(Poet's title: Te solo adoro)

Set by Schubert:

  • D 34
    for SATB quartet

    [November 5, 1812]

Text by:

Pietro Metastasio

Text written early 1734.  First published 1734.

Te solo adoro

Te solo adoro,
Mente infinita,
Fonte di vita,
Di verità;

In cui si muove,
Da cui dipende
Quanto comprende

I adore only you

I adore you alone,
Infinite mind,
The origin of life
And of truth;

In whom move
All that depend on you,
You who embrace

Confirmed by Peter Rastl with Tutte le opere di Pietro Metastasio, Firenze, Tipografia Borghi e compagni 1832, page 532.

The text appears in “La Betulia liberata”, parte II, Aria di Achior.

To see an early edition of the text, go to page 358  [370 von 418] here: http://digital.onb.ac.at/OnbViewer/viewer.faces?doc=ABO_%2BZ176741408