Son fra l’onde, D 78

I am in the middle of the waves

(Poet's title: Son fra l'onde)

Set by Schubert:

  • D 78

    [September 18, 1813]

Text by:

Pietro Metastasio

Text written 1721.  First published 1721.

Son fra l'onde

Son fra l’onde in mezzo al mare,
E al furor di doppio vento;
Or resisto, or mi sgomento
Fra la speme, e fra l’orror.

Per la fè, per la tua vita
Or pavento, or sono ardita,
E ritrovo egual martire
Nell’ ardire e nel timor.

I am in the middle of the waves

I am amongst the waves in the middle of the sea
And at the mercy of a double wind;
First I resist, then I submit,
Amidst hope and amidst dread.

In regard to your faith, your life,
First I give up, then I am passionate,
And I discover the same amount of martyrdom
In the passion and in the fear.

Confirmed by Peter Rastl with Tutte le opere di Pietro Metastasio, Firenze, Tipografia Borghi e compagni 1832, page 566-567.

The text appears in “Gli Orti Esperidi”, parte I, Aria di Venere.

To see an early edition of the text, go to page 64  [72 von 422] here: