Misero pargoletto, D 42

Poor child

(Poet's title: Misero pargoletto)

Set by Schubert:

  • D 42

    [probably 1813]

Text by:

Pietro Metastasio

Text written 1733.  First published 1733.

Misero pargoletto

Misero pargoletto,
Il tuo destin non sai.
Ah! non gli dite mai
Qual era il genitor.

Come in un punto, oh Dio,
Tutto cangiò d’aspetto!
Voi foste il mio diletto,
Voi siete il mio terror.

Poor child

Wretched child,
You do not know your fate.
Oh! never tell him
Who his father was.

Oh God, how in an instant
Everthing appears different!
You who were my delight,
You are now my terror.

Confirmed by Peter Rastl with Tutte le opere di Pietro Metastasio, Firenze, Tipografia Borghi e compagni 1832, page 246.

The text appears in “Demofoonte”, atto III, scena V (Timante’s aria).

To see an early edition of the text, go to page 250 [260 von 450] here: http://digital.onb.ac.at/OnbViewer/viewer.faces?doc=ABO_%2BZ176741202