Da quel sembiante appresi, D 688/3

I learned from that countenance

(Poet's title: Da quel sembiante appresi)

Set by Schubert:

  • D 688/3

    [January 1820]

Text by:

Pietro Metastasio

Text written 1752.  First published 1752.

Part of  Vier Canzonen für eine Singstimme mit Klavierbegleitung, D 688

Da quel sembiante appresi

Da quel sembiante appresi
A sospirar d’amore;
Sempre per quel sembiante
Sospirerò d’amore.

La face, a cui m’accesi
Solo m’alletta e piace;
È fredda ogn’altra face
Per riscaldarmi il cuore.

I learned from that countenance

From that visage I learned
How to sigh with love;
Because of that visage I shall always
Sigh with love.

That fire which ignited me
Is all that attracts and pleases me;
And all other fires are too cold
To warm my heart.

Confirmed by Peter Rastl with Tutte le opere di Pietro Metastasio, Firenze, Tipografia Borghi e compagni 1832, page 395.

The text appears in L’Eroe cinese, atto I, scena III (Lisinga’s aria).

To see an early edition of the text, go to page 193 [205 von 438] here: http://digital.onb.ac.at/OnbViewer/viewer.faces?doc=ABO_%2BZ176741500