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Vier Refrain Lieder, D 866

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The publication of Schubert’s Opus 95 was announced as follows in the ‘Wiener Zeitung’ on 13th August 1828:

At the House of Thaddäus Weigl,
Art and Music Dealer in Vienna, on the Graben, No. 1144,
(next to the "King of England"), are newly to be had
(in Pest of F. Tomola, at Brno of J. G. Gastl):

by Johann Gabriel Seidl,
set to Music for One Voice with Pianoforte Accompaniment,
and most amicably dedicated to the Poet by

Work 95. Price, 54 Kreutzer, Ass. Coinage.

Published separately:

No. 1.  'The Differentiation, or Meg's Obedience'
	['Die Unterscheidung, oder: Gretchens Gehorsam']	20 Kr.
No. 2.	'With you alone!' ['Bei dir allein!']			30 Kr.
No. 3.	'Men are wicked' ['Die Männer sind méchant']	        20 Kr.
No. 4. 	'Earthly Bliss' ['Irdisches Glück']			20 Kr.

The public has long cherished the wish to have, for once, a composition of a merry, comic nature from the pen of this song composer of genius. This wish has been gratified in a surprising manner by Herr Schubert in the present four songs, which in part are truly comic and in part bear in them the character of ingenuousness and humour.

From O. E. Deutsch, Schubert. A Documentary Biography. English translation by Eric Blom London 1946 p. 798

The four ‘refrain’ songs have stanzas which end with the same (or almost the same) line (in other words, the refrain is not a chorus).